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  1. How do you ship?
    Your awesome chili gets slow cooked for 5 hours, then hot packed into quart sized jars and pressure cooked at 15 PSI for 90 minutes (250°F). This makes shipping without refrigeration possible (and a hell of a lot cheaper!). The more you buy the cheaper it works out. We ship priority mail.

  2. I live in Houston. Can I pick up locally?
    Yes, until the first creeper shows up at my doorstep. Get in early.

  3. What's in it?
    Andouille sausage, hand trimmed boneless pork ribs, home made ground beef and pork from premium cuts, scotch bonnets, habaneros, serranos, chipotles, bell peppers, mushrooms, onion, beans, garlic, hot sauce, fire roasted tomatoes, and other awesome stuff.

  4. What's the difference between Spicy and Extra Spicy?
    The seeds and pith are removed from the scotch bonnet and habanero peppers from the Spicy version. The Extra Spicy version has these bits pureéd and an extra helping of chipotle peppers. It doesn't sound like much but it makes a huge difference.

  5. Can I make a bulk order?
    Yes. Contact us at (877) 316-7975 to arrange details.

  6. I need it tomorrow. Can you make that happen?
    Yes, if you contact us EARLY in the morning. Give us a call at (877) 316-7975 to arrange details. Be prepared to spend, overnight shipping is expensive as hell.

  7. Do you make any other food?
    Yes, plenty. Still working on what ships well and what doesn't. Gumbo is a possibility but the food cost is relatively high. We also make Cheesecake that makes Cheesecake Factory look like it came off the $1 menu. If you have an idea for a food that would ship well send me your idea, if I like it I'll ship you a free sample for your opinion and to let me know how it travelled.

  8. Can you gift wrap?
    Gladly, but I may make a glitter sandwich out of the wrapping paper.

  9. Can I email instead of calling?
    jud at [thisdomain].com


One shipping price to rule them all. $14.99 up to 4 jars shipped Priority Mail.

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